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Yorkie looking up.Yorkie CareYorkie looking up.
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Always leave out small breed dog food and water 24/7. A goodie bowl is offered at our kennel  once in the morning and once in the evening. The goodie bowl should be a seperate bowl from the dry dog food. A goodie bowl is contains sugared human cereal(exp. Cinnamon Toast Crunch), a fourth of Mighty Dog Chicken & Rice flavored, and a half of jar of baby food, any flavor but turkey. After putting these things in a bowl, add waffle syrup to the top of all three, don't stir them all together! Most puppies under 2 lbs. need this treat bowl for a regular day. If you stick with this everyday, you won't have to worry as much about your puppy getting sick.
a boneBathinga bone

We bath our yorkies with human shampoo every week. You can wash your puppy with what ever you use on your hair. Many  yorkie owners shower with their puppies, towel dry them and continue on with their shower.  Make sure to always use warm water and  never  have the puppy's nose under the water!

Yorkies should always have a heating pad  set on  "Low"  with a towel  laid over the heating pad. Leave the heating pad out at all the times for your puppy to lay on.
a boneImportant thingsa bone

Something you need to make sure doesn't happen to your puppy is Hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia occurs very often in small breeds. Symptoms your puppy would have, if it does get Hypoglycemia, would be white gums, rolled up eyes, inability to stand up straight and seizures. The most common time for a small breed puppy to get sick is over night.Hypoglycemia usually occurs due to not eating, not getting enough rest, or if a puppy gets stressed out. It is very important that you leave food out 24/7, never restrict your puppy's food. The best way to ensure your puppy doesn't become Hypoglycemic is to give your puppy a few drops of Griffins waffle syrup on the pup's tongue. You should do this once in the morning and right before you go to bed.

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